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Some Must have Tools of Corporate & Private Security Guards

Safety and security dynamics are changing all over the world. Thus, professionals in charge of providing security services have to change their way of operations accordingly. They need to take the help of updated tools and technology to come up with solutions that meet the custom security needs of their clients. Here on this page, let us discuss the tools that today’s private and corporate security guards in Sydney like anywhere else in the world would use to meet the present-day security challenges.

High Visibility Clothing

This is one of the must-have uniforms of this security personnel. This not only imparts a sense of discipline in the psyche of the security guards, but the clothing increases the visibility of the guards. On one hand, it increases the visibility of the guards in low visibility conditions, but it also acts as deterrence, by alerting those with nefarious intentions. Thus, these uniforms play a pivotal part in the security plans of the property. Even when it comes to offering private security services, this clothing plays a pivotal role in the plans that private security guards design to meet security compulsions.


Though flashlights are usually cumbersome and at times heavy, they are extremely important equipment for security services. Regardless of what when they are working, flashlights, irrespective of their power and size, are of absolute importance.

Different Defence Equipment

Present day security guards – both private as well as corporate, generally use a wide range of lethal as well as non-lethal security equipment and gadgets. They may range from conventional shotguns and pistols of various makes and models, bores and firing power, to guns that fire rubber bullets, pepper sprays, conventional and electric batons, flares and the likes.  The types of defence equipment used by these security guards depend upon the nature of their service and the gravity of threat perception.

Digital Cameras

Modern security personnel, more so the corporate security guards in Sydney as in any other place are also equipped with digital cameras. When these professionals provide security service at locations where no security cameras are installed, digital cameras act as fantastic substitutes. They provide provisions of immediate recording of notable events, thus helping these professionals and other stakeholders with enough evidence, in the event of any suspicious activity in the area under the security jurisdiction of these professionals.

Two-way Communication devices

Security guards and close protection officers in charge of security at events or in properties, always carry with them two-way radios, which help them to keep in touch with their colleagues and maintain a seamless flow of communication, thus ensuring a foolproof security blanket. Well, in this era of evolution in communication technology and various cloud-based applications and systems. However, the reality is that these two-way communication devices are still more than pertinent.

Therefore you see, these are some of the most important tools and equipment that these modern security guards use. In fact, the types of tools that these professionals use will help you select the best in the business if you are looking for one. Our security guards at Hire a Security Guard are next to none in this aspect, making us the most competent name in the industry. Call us at 1300 437 668 for further details.